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Mind Mood - Hair

Cut & Blow
Blow Dry
Ladies R150 Short R250 Short R120
Pensioner Lady R100 Medium R280 Medium R130
Student Ladies R130 Long R290 Long R160
Scholar Girl R120 Extra Long R300 Extra Long R200
Gent Cut R120 Pensioner R200 Pensioner R100
Pensioner Gent R90        
Student Gent R110 Colour Ladies   Colour Gents  
Scholar Boy R100 Short R400 Cut & Colour R240
Toddlers R80 Medium R500 Treatments  
    Long R640 See our Menu R190 to 300
Highlights Foils - Full Head
Highlights Foils - Half Head
Highlights - Per Foil
Short R640 Short R470 Short R35
Medium R710 Medium R530 Medium R40
Long R780 Long R640 Long R45
Highlight Caps
Upstyles Continued
Ladies R370 Bridal Inc. 1 Trial R660 Evening / Functions R310
Gents R300 Matric Farewell / Ball R310 Any Extra Trial R440
        GHD Curls R440
        Hair Tech Extensions POR

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