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Infant Massage

This is using the art of massage to improve your baby’s health and growth. It improves the blood circulation of the baby and also in-return improves better growth pattern for your baby.

It also is the best way to bond with you new-born after a nice hot bath, having his/her parents massaging them. It can also become a fun way to improve the bathing routine.

Come and experience a fun, new way of spending time with you lovely new-born child!
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Body Stress Release:

“Body Stress Release offers a gentle and effective way to release stored tension from the body, thereby activating a process that restores and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself.This stored tension may be the cause of the discomfort or other symptoms you may be experiencing including; backache, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, fibromyalgia, cramps, constipation, anxiety, stiffness when getting out of bed, dizziness while reading, a child fidgeting, unable to sit still -  to name but a few.”



Individual Treatments

Full Body - Hot Stone R400 Feet Treatment R240
Full Body - Aroma R400 Feet Treatment with Paraffin Wax/Mud R300
Full Body - Swedish R350 Leg Massage R280
Full Body - Deep Tissue R400 Hand Treatment R230
Full Body - Rungu R400 Hand Treatment with Paraffin Wax/Mud R290
Full Body - Calabash R400 Indian Head R240
Full Body - Exfoliation R290    
Full Body - Scrub and Shower R380 SPECIALISED TREATMENTS 
Full Body - Scrub, Shower and Blow Dry R460 Reflexology  R210 
Full Body - Hawaiian R400 Pregnancy Massage  R390 
   Body Wrap  R360 
Back and Neck - Hotstone R300 Anti Cellulite R360 
Back and Neck - Aroma R300 Stretch Marks R350
Back and Neck - Swedish R260    
Back and Neck - Deep Tissue R300   
Back and Neck - Scrub R290 EXTRAS  
Back and Neck - Bamboo R300 Jacuzzi  - Temporarily Out of Order